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VIDEO: 1 dead, 2 missing after massive fire that consumed Massachusetts lodging house

One person is dead, two are unaccounted for and several others are hospitalized following a massive fire that consumed a rooming house in New Bedford on Tuesday afternoon. As of Tuesday evening, fire officials were using a drone to peer through windows and search the ruined building. "We can confirm one fatality," Mayor Jon Mitchell said.
- PUB DATE: 3/29/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WCVB-TV ABC 5 Boston

Caring for Florida's first responders’ mental health in Hurricane Ian’s wake

Since Sept. 28, when Southwest Florida’s first responders and dispatchers took thousands of heartbreaking 911 calls, there has been a big focus on those first responders’ mental well-being. Part of Florida’s emergency response plan for Ian was providing mental health support for our first responders.
- PUB DATE: 3/29/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WINK-TV CBS 11 Fort Myers

'Eyes of Fire': ER doctor and photographer captures Illinois fire department for 20 years and counting

PHOTOS: While some doctors play golf or tennis on their days off, one local emergency room physician spends his free time riding along with the Peoria Fire Department with his camera. Dr. Elsburgh Clarke is an ER doctor at Hopedale Medical Complex. He’s been working in emergency medicine for more than 40 years and previously trained at LA County Hospital, where he began taking photographs.
- PUB DATE: 3/29/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WCBU.org

Bicameral FIRE STATION Act introduced to upgrade fire, EMS facilities nationwide

With a proposed $750 million grant program, the newly introduced FIRE STATION Act (Facilitating Investment Required for Emergency Services to All Towns in Our Nation Act), put forth by U.S. Sens. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), as well as U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), pushes for modifications, upgrades and build-up of fire and EMS facilities across the country.
- PUB DATE: 3/29/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: Homeland Preparedness News

Missouri firefighter ensures special needs kids are enrolled in the ‘STARS’ program

VIDEO: Zach Krato is a Florissant Valley Fire District firefighter, husband, and dad who has spent over a decade serving as a first responder. Zach receives the FOX 2 Proud to Serve award in March 2023, including $500 from Brown & Brown Law Firm. In addition to being a valued firefighter, Zach has the added responsibility of implementing and training the district on the ‘STARS’ program.
- PUB DATE: 3/29/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: KTVI-TV FOX 2 St. Louis

VIDEO: Firefighters battle large house fire in New York

A Soundview house fire has left multiple families without a home overnight, officials say. Firefighters responded to the house fire on Rosedale Avenue at around 11 p.m. Monday. The owners of the home lived there since 2017 and included three brothers and their parents who lived on the second floor and another family downstairs who rented the space.
- PUB DATE: 3/28/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: News 12 Bronx

South Carolina fire department adopts new schedule for firefighters

VIDEO: Changes are being made to work schedules for some Summerville firefighters that could give them more time with family. Traditionally, firefighters worked 24 hours in a row, and then they would get 48 hours off. So, you would work one day and then have two days off. But a new plan would give them a better schedule and spend more time with their loved ones.
- PUB DATE: 3/28/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WCDB-TV NBC/CW+ 2 Charleston

Eye drops recall have caused 3 deaths, dozens of infections, and vision loss for Florida fire captain

VIDEO: Fox 4 is following up on a recall for a brand of eye drops called EzriCare Artificial Tears or Delsam Pharma’s Artificial Tears. According to the CDC and FDA, these eye drops have caused 3 deaths, dozens of infections, and more than a handful of vision loss cases. It was just 3 days ago that North Collier County said their Fire Captain has been affected by these eye drops.
- PUB DATE: 3/28/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WFTX-TV FOX 4 Cape Coral

On this day in history, March 28, 1866, first US ambulance service rolls through Cincinnati

VIDEO: The first ambulance service in the United States reportedly rolled to the aid of patients in Cincinnati, Ohio, on this day in history, March 28, 1866. "For many years, Bellevue Hospital in New York claimed to have introduced the first citywide ambulance service in 1869, but records show Cincinnati beat them to it," the Cincinnati Enquirer reported in 2018.
- PUB DATE: 3/28/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: FOX News

Georgia house fire survivor continues to thank first responders 11 years later

VIDEO: The survivor of a house fire in Columbus is making good on his mission to reward the crew at the station that came to his rescue. The fire, more than 10 years ago, caused $325,000 in damage. “It was fully involved,” Firefighter Jeffrey Yepez told WRBL. “When we pulled out, we could see heavy black smoke.
- PUB DATE: 3/28/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WRBL-TV CBS 3 Columbus

VIDEO: 7 dead after explosion at chocolate factory in Pennsylvania

PHOTOS: Seven people are dead and several others are injured after an explosion at a chocolate factory Friday in West Reading, Pennsylvania, police and city officials said. Two additional bodies were recovered from the rubble at the site of the factory Sunday night, West Reading Police Chief Wayne Holben said at a press conference.
- PUB DATE: 3/27/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: ABC News

New banner program honors volunteer firefighters in West Virginia

VIDEO: If there is one thing each community in the Ohio Valley has in common, it’s a big heart. In Newell, the volunteer fire department is honoring its members with special banners. New banners picturing both past and present Newell Volunteer Firefighters line the power poles throughout the city. The new program hopes to promote growth for the fire department within the community of Newell and beyond.
- PUB DATE: 3/27/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WTRF-TV CBS 7 Wheeling

‘Sad day’ after historic Wright Brothers factory in Ohio damaged by fire

VIDEO/PHOTOS: The Dayton Fire Department was on scene for more than 12 hours after a fire broke out at a historic Wright Brothers site early Sunday morning. According to Montgomery County Regional Dispatch, crews were called to the area of Inland Avenue near West Third Street in Dayton around 2:28 a.
- PUB DATE: 3/27/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WDTN-TV NBC 2 Dayton

Illinois Fire Departments Could Get a Boost with Firefighter Training Leave of Absence Act

Illinois is facing a shortage of volunteer firefighters, but a new plan from State Senator Patrick Joyce may help address this issue. On Friday, Joyce advanced a plan out of the Senate that would allow for more people to complete firefighter training. Senate Bill 1611, also known as the Firefighter Training Leave of Absence Act, would provide state employees with leave from their job to attend firefighter training courses.
- PUB DATE: 3/27/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: Country Herald

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Historic prep school building in New York destroyed by huge fire

The old Doane Stuart School in the area of Mt. Hope Drive in Albany appears to be a total loss, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said. The fire broke out Thursday evening, with all areas of the building involved. A steeple on the building has collapsed, said the mayor, with more collapses expected. Route 9W at Corning Hill is closed in that area.
- PUB DATE: 3/24/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WNYT-TV NBC 13

Retired Seattle firefighter teaches 'CPR for mental health'

VIDEO: Mike Washington doesn't go out on calls anymore, but the retired Seattle firefighter is still fighting to save lives. "We lose more firefighters, more police officers to suicide than we do on the job," Washington said. Washington talks to first responders and veterans about stress, addiction and suicide, recently taking his message to Seattle Station 24.
- PUB DATE: 3/24/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: KING-TV NBC 5 Seattle

Submit Your Nomination for the 2023 IAFC Fire Chief of the Year Award

The IAFC is now accepting nominations for the IAFC Fire Chief of the Year Award through June 9. Since 1996, this prestigious award has recognized one volunteer and one career fire chief for their leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, public service and contributions to the fire service.
- PUB DATE: 3/24/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: IAFC.org

Woman starts wish list to help a Virginia fire department, now the community has stepped in

VIDEO: There's constantly training for members of the Petersburg Fire Department. "I don't think a lot of people truly realize how many hours a day, most of the time it's 24, that our firefighters spend at the fire station," Kathleen McCay, the owner of Petersburg's Old Townes Alibi, said. To support the three shifts of firefighters at the city's four fire stations, McCay created an Amazon wish list with the idea of going beyond the basics that the city provides.
- PUB DATE: 3/24/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: WTVR-TV CBS 6 Richmond

Hyundai and Kia to recall more than half million vehicles over fire concern

Hyundai and Kia are recalling more than half a million vehicles, mainly SUVs and minivans, because of concerns that a tow hitch harness could catch fire when the car is driven, or even parked. The Korean automakers, which are affiliated with one another, are recalling about 571,000 vehicles. The vehicles included are the 2019-23 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2021-23 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid, 2022-23 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid, 2022-23 Hyundai Santa Cruz, and 2022-23 Kia Carnival.
- PUB DATE: 3/24/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: FOX Business

VIDEO: Texas chemical plant fire was caused by accidental tanker leak, fire marshal's office says

Investigators believe they've pinpointed the cause of an explosion and massive fire at a Pasadena plant on Wednesday -- and they say it was an accident. One person was injured in the blast at about 12:07 p.m. at the INEOS Phenol plant along Highway 225 near the East Beltway. Houston TranStar cameras captured the large explosion and fireball.
- PUB DATE: 3/23/2023 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: KTRK-TV ABC 13 Houston


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